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Global Piano Roll Meeting

As the number of piano roll initiatives all over the globe increases and achieves results, the time is ripe to bring together institutions and experts interested in piano rolls.
It is a chance to share current research, perspectives and aspirations for future work and collaboration. We will try to allow for virtual attendance (e.g. video conference) as well.

Global Piano Roll Meeting
25 July 2018
14:00 – 18:00
Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig im Grassi


13:30 Arrival and registration

Concert Hall
14:00 Greeting (Josef Focht)
14:05 Player Piano Project (Jerry McBride)
14:20 MIMUL Tasten (Heike Fricke, Jakob Kusnick, Josef Focht, Martin Reckziegel)
          – Overview (project goals, collection, preservation)
          – Cataloging and digitization
          – Data retrieval
          – Data standards (identifiers, interfaces, thesauri)

14:50 Participant introductions
15:00 Participant brief presentations and updates
          – Selected participants give highlights of their current work (10 minutes each)

16:00 Coffee break and Poster Presentations

16:30 Theater organ with MIDI interface (Dominik Ukolov)

Concert Hall
16:45 Round table discussion (Moderators: Marc Widuch and Kumaran Arul)
          – Areas for cooperation
          – Global database project
          – Future conference
          – Standards

17:45 Summary and conclusions (Jerry McBride)
18:00 Acknowledgements (Josef Focht)

L'Osteria Leipzig
19:00 Dinner


Jerry McBride jerry.mcbride@stanford.edu
Stanford University

Marc Widuch info@faszinationpianola.de
Faszination Pianola

Josef Focht josef.focht@uni-leipzig.de
Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig




One of the main objectives is networking and sharing to foster collaboration and planning for a future larger conference. We surely have not identified everybody that should be on the list, so please share this invitation and propose further attendees. To date we feel honored to have confirmations by more than 10 countries of more than 30 participants.

– Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Czech Republic
– Technické Muzeum v Brnĕ
– Independent researcher
– Mekaanisen Musiikin Museo
– Augustiner Museum
– Deutsches Museum
– FaszinationPianola
– Gesellschaft für Selbstspielende Musikinstrumente
– Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
– Institut für Musikwissenschaft der LMU München
– Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig
– Musikwerkstatt Beeskow
– Siegfried’s Mechanisches Musikkabinett, Rüdesheim Museum
– Associazione Musica Meccanica Italiana
– University di Pavia
– Nederlandse Pianola Sociëteit
– Pianola Museum Amsterdam
– Independent researcher
– Ringve Music Museum
– Musical Museum in Brentford, London
– Player Piano Group
– Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors’ Association
– Pianola Enterprises
– Stanford University
– Biblioteca de Catalunya
– Biblioteca Nacional de España
– Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
– Universitat de Barcelona
– Bern University of the Arts