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Martin Elste, Eszter Fontana, John Koster (Hg.)
Regional Traditions in Instrument Making
CIMCIM Publication No. 4

Halle 1999, 84 S., illustriert, broschiert, Format 21x28 cm
ISBN 3-932863-13-5

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Sumi Gunji: Preface
Annette Otterstedt: Preserving A Violin-Making Tradition in its Historical Context: Die Alemannische Schule - Second Edition of Olga Adelmann’s Monograph
Rudolph Hopfner: German Bow Making Tradition - A Wide Span in Quality or: When is a Bow Worth Collecting?
Martin Elste: Violin-Making in Berlin - Artists, Craftsmen, Scholars and Businessmen
Florence Gétreau: Regional Schools of Instrument-Making in France: Their Representation in Public Collections
Laurence Libin: Preserving Pennsylvania German Instruments
Carmelle Bégin: Traditions and Individualism in Canadian Instrument Making
Sumi Gunji: Regional Tradition in the Making of Short-Necked Lutes
Raisa Husak: The Vessel Flute in Ukraine
J. Richard Haefer: Field Documentation of Instrument Making in Traditional Cultures: Collecting Interpretative Data Based on an Example from the Guarijio Indians of Mexico
Hélène La Rue: Wood, Bronze and Bamboo: Among Instrument Makers in Guichow Province, China 1989
Illustrations and Credits


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