The Grassi Museum and the University of Leipzig

The Museum of Musical Instruments has been part of the University of Leipzig since 1929.
Seminars on acoustics and historic musical instruments attended by musicology and music pedagogy students of the University, as well as by students of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy", meet regularly on the museum premises.

Students are involved in the preparation and realization of special events and exhibitions; some examples include the Balalaika concert series of 2004, the 2005 Tasteninstrumente des Barock (Baroque keyboard instruments), and, recently, the Festtage Alter Musik (old music festival) in June of 2006. Additionally, selected students participate in conceptual work as well as in the authoring of texts for new exhibitions and the future archives. This provides a good opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the field of museum work. They learn to develop concepts and exposés and experience first-hand which ideas can be realized.

The museum regularly accepts interns who will spend their semester breaks at the museum and work on different projects. Examples include researching individual collection pieces that have not yet been catalogued, developing instrument maker databases, and authoring museum texts in multiple languages. Furthermore, we offer students the opportunity to write thesis papers about the museum or a part of its collection in cooperation with the musicology faculty.

Colloquiums, conferences and numerous lectures, which often take place in collaboration with different departments of the university, are also part of the museum’s commitment to science.


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