The Exhibition

Orgelpositiv von Stephan Cuntz im Renaissance-Saal
Orgelpositiv von Stephan Cuntz im Renaissance-Saal
Ausstellung Bach
Ausstellung Bach

The chronologically organized permanent exhibition In Search of the Perfect Sound offers visitors of all ages insights into the music history of the city of Leipzig and into the multi-facetted world of musical instruments. The most important areas of music history and instrument making are presented in 13 extensive chapters. In addition to experiencing a visual journey through time, a newly developed 3-D sound system allows visitors to listen to music from previous centuries.

The exhibition contains the following sections:

  • Renaissance: Frembde canzones und gute teutsche Liedlein ("Foreign Canzonas and Good German Songs")
  • Heinrich Schütz: Longing for Harmonic Order
  • Bartolomeo Cristofori: Instrument Making at the Medici Court
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Director chori musici
  • Zimeliensaal (Treasure Room) – Display of Especially Precious Musical Instruments
  • Musical Art around 1800 – Master Performers and Enthusiasts
  • Stein & Streicher – Four Generations of Effort and Assiduity
  • Romantic Period – "…Feelings Lost in Love…"
  • Saxony, a Major Music Supplier
  • "The voice sounds and fades away…" – Automated Instruments
  • Changing Times
  • New Renaissance – A New Interest in Old Music.

The extensive archives offer research possibilities and resources to the professional audience. Approximately 40% of the collection is currently displayed in exhibitions. The oldest pieces date back to the 16th century.

The Klanglabor (sound laboratory) offers visitors a hands-on experience by allowing them to try out various musical instruments.