About the Association of Friends and Sponsors:
The Förderkreis

Each museum requires the active partnership of people who further its works by means of lively interest, constructive criticism and helpful suggestions, as well as active and regular participation in the museum’s numerous offers. Concerts, guided tours, lectures, colloquiums, special exhibitions and publications could hardly be realized without such partnerships.

The Förderkreis Musikinstrumenten-Museum der Universität (Association of Sponsors of the University’s Museum of Musical Instruments) and its articles of association were presented to the public during a festive ceremony on December 14, 1991. Since then, the association’s approximately 100 members (including musicians, makers of musical instruments and music enthusiasts) meet on a regular basis for various occasions and enrich the museum life by contributing their independent activities. These activities include extensive projects such as the restoration of outstanding musical instruments (examples include the world’s oldest completely preserved fortepiano and the Welte theatre organ), the production of CD recordings and other publications, as well as various events.

In addition to the pleasant feeling of participating in a good cause, each member also enjoys numerous tangible advantages, including artists’ series, reduced prices for museum events, annual excursions, Christmas coffee bars, exclusive presentations of newly acquired objects, and, naturally, an atmosphere of friendly and open cooperation.